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Avrom Sutzkever (1913-2010), also spelled Abraham Sutzkever or Avraham Sutskever, is one of the most prominent world poets and writers writing in Yiddish. The New York Times considered him “the greatest poet of the Holocaust”. Read more.





Jewish Culture Days in Zagare

Jewish Culture Days in Zagare is an exceptional international event dedicated to globally scattered community of Litvaks. Festival’s mission is to renew and retain our historical memory of culture of Lithuanian Jews as well as foster and develop it further.

Learn more about last event on the official website.



“Wade” is biannual magazine of Jewish history and culture in Lithuania. Publication is unique in it’s content and dedication. Main goal of this long-term project is to cover vast majority of topics related to cultural life of Litvaks, their history, Jewish heritage in general and to preserve this knowledge to future generations.

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Vilnius Jewish Public Library

Vilnius Jewish Public Library is the only one in Lithuania which exclusively specifies in spreading Jewish culture. Main goal of this foundation is to continuously contribute in various forms to the cultural activity of the library and help to improve it’s services as well as promote this institution internationally.

Visit official website of the library to learn more about this unique place of books and culture.

Vilnius Jewish Theater

Long-lasting tradition of Litvak’s contribution to the culture of theatre in Lithuania was brutally broken during wartime. This long-term project aim is to renew this tradition in establishing a fully functional and completely unique Jewish theatre which could flourish in Vilnius – a city once called Jerusalem of Lithuania – once again. Our foundation financially and in other ways supports a realization of this great and beautiful idea.