Support us

Vilnius Jewish Public Library Charity and Support Foundation functions as non-governmental, non-profit organization.

We work hard to develop ongoing projects and to initiate a new ones. This activity requires a lot of resources. All the funds we use are raised only by the means of charity and principles of beneficence from people who are concerned about cultural life.

To support our projects underway and to promote library activities you can make a donation in one of the two following ways:

  1. Using few-steps money transfer method – just press the button on the right side of the page;
  2. Transfer funds manually to foundation account using your personal e-banking system:


Bank code: 40100

Account number: LT504010049501372679

All of your donations are used to:

  1. Cover the mail costs and custom duties of donative books which we receive from our grantors abroad;
  2. Cover the costs of purchases of books for Vilnius Jewish Public Library’s documents collection with the aim to expand as well as to renew it;
  3. Organize cultural, educational, academic as well as other public events and cover all the costs needed to make them happen (to pay speakers’ fees, cover their travel costs, carry out communication campaigns, etc.);
  4. Initiate, create and develop various cultural projects in Lithuania and abroad (books and periodicals publishing, international art and academic events, global cultural partnerships etc.).

It should be said that not only financial support is sought. We look for different kinds of cooperation with active people as well as companies by means of participation and communication: we are open to various proposals and suggestions regarding cultural programs, visits, lectures, book presentations, concerts and more.

We very much appreciate your kind help!